Get saturated with the atmosphere of a boisterous and noisy city? You can calm down your mind or refresh the soul at Pangsan Tourism Village, Petang, Badung. The village located about 30 km north of Denpasar can be reached by public transport for 1 hour. It offers you a cool atmosphere and mystical aura helping you get fresher.

Meanwhile, the countryside panorama it has is very beautiful supported by pristine societal culture and a clean nature. A wide range of agricultural activities are on offer in plantation, farm, and fishing ground. Other challenging activities are trekking, taking a promenade around the village becoming a favorite to foreign tourists. Almost every day, there is a group of tourists taking advantage of the product offered by the tourism village.

There are two trekking paths on offer, namely hard trekking with a distance of 5 km, while soft trekking has a distance of 2 km. Both paths offer the beauty of rice field with attraction of plowing in traditional manner. Some other attractions are plowing rice field by taking advantage of Bali’s cattle, planting rice, harvesting, tradition to put offerings and attractions of integrated farming.

In addition, tourists can also see some creative activities of the village community. People cultivate their dry fields by planting trees to meet their household needs. Among others, there are cacao tree, sapodilla, coffee, vanilla, papaya, cloves, mangosten, banana, snakefruit, and many other local fruit. There are also trees whose leaf and fruit taken advantage as a vegetable. Fruit trees in dry field of local residents are not only attractive to see, but also sweet in the mouth.

Other activities of the community are breeding cows, chickens, goats, ducks and others. Dung of livestock processed to produce gas and energy and directly utilized by household also draws the attention of guests. More than that, tourists can explore people’s homes to see the attraction of traditional cooking. They can see ngelawar and mebat done by men as well as cooking, preparing oblations, Bali’s baking, fruit arrangement and grounding coffee carried out by housewives in simple customary attires. At the end, participants of trekking get a serving of young coconut drinks and traditional arts performance.

For tourists with an adventurous soul can enjoy the local rapids through rafting games covering the distance for some 2.5 hours. And the most unique attraction is that in the middle of the village forest visitors can find a ‘city’ home stay whose buildings are designed in Balinese traditional architecture.

Although it looks simple, but people’s homes are clean enough and supported by hotel standard facilities. “There are 15 houses prepared for the guest house, but only 5 houses occupied,” said Chairman of tourism venture group (Pokdarwis) of Pangsan Village, I Nyoman Kita who was guiding his guests.

Moreover, he added, many residents had renovated their house to be a home stay. Since 2000, many travelers had stayed at the home of local villagers. Their length of stay varied, ringing from a week, two weeks, a month, up to six months. They were from Europe, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Canada, Australia and other countries. Most of them staying at the village had tried the trekking activities.”The idea of a home stay is coming from their own when they took pleasure in the trekking adventure,” he explained.